Fall/ Winter 2020-2021

Surprisingly, there were a ton of jeweled hair accessories for fall 2020, from brooches to headbands to even just little jewels dispersed through the hair.

On the less luxurious side, bandanas, chords, and hair scarves had their own subtle impact.

Whatever your style, we think you’ll find something to like in Giulio's fall/ winter 2020-2021  hair accessory new collection.

Giulio Bride

The best thing about a hair accessory is that it truly ties your bridal look together, especially if you opt for simple jewellery and shoes that won’t be seen from under your dress.                     

Whether you’re a bohemian, modern, or traditional bride, our Giulio Bridal hair accessories are a category not to be overlooked, they’re basically jewellery for your hair—what’s not to love about that? 

Let's go Bananas

Keep her locks looking beautiful with our Tiny Giulio hair accessories.

Tie up ponytails and ballet buns with our colourful scrunchies, and crown her with sparkles for party time thanks to ruched headbands.

Plus, discover cute animal motifs along with our novelty hair clips. Find your favourite hair accessories and headbands for girls and babies.